7 Reasons Instagram Is The Perfect Platform For Your Interior Design Biz

instagram for interior designers

I think most businesses know by now that it’s crucial your business needs to be on social media in this day and age. Social Media is NOT going away any time soon. Instagram is a great platform to use if you are an interior designer, or any creative field for that matter. In this article we will discuss all the reasons why you should use Instagram for your business!

Instagram is all about the VISUAL

People LOVE seeing pretty things…and since Instagram is a visually driven platform it makes sense to be posting on it. You can showcase all your kitchen renovations or master bath updates in several posts…either as pictures(one or many), or in videos(maximum length 60 minutes), or in Instagram Stories(15 seconds snippets), or ALL of the above. People are looking to be inspired; and if you post pictures/videos of how awesome you made a kitchen look, they will want that too and be inclined to follow you to see what else you post!

It Builds Brand Awareness

You can showcase all your work plus get your followers to really know YOU as a person. By showing yourself explaining a project in a video people will get a feel for your vibe and how you work in day to day activities. If they like your vibe they are more likely to follow your feed or even hire you for a job.

Establish Credibility

When people research a business, they will do TWO things; go to the website, and check out their social media platforms. By having an Instagram account, you establish credibility that you are a legit business and that you are in business with a following(even if it’s small).

Build Partnerships

There are over 2 million business accounts on Instagram. Most likely the people you work with such as architects, general contractors, builders, real estate agents, furniture companies etc will have an Instagram account. You can tag each other on posts and their followers will be exposed to your work and may be inclined to follow you. You can also search for companies in your area and start engaging with them by liking, commenting, and following them. Instagram is a very friendly community. Usually when people see you followed them and write genuine comments, they are very likely to reciprocate the follow. Which leads to my next point.

Instagram Is a Lead Generator

The businesses you make relationships with will generate leads…it has happened to some of my clients! Think about this…you will generate TWO types of leads, homeowners and related businesses. For example, homeowners who need to renovate a kitchen who saw your feed, and a real estate agent who you have a relationship with on Instagram who knows a family looking for an interior designer. How great would that be??!

Learn About Your Competition

It’s always good to keep abreast of what your competitors are doing….and what they are doing on social media. You can see what your competitors are posting on Instagram, whether they are using more video or Stories, or both.

Keep Up To Date With Trends

It’s easy to research new trends on Instagram…just type in the keyword and search under hashtags…posts will pop up with that hashtag. Or follow top design magazines to see what they are posting about. You will have a never ending flow of trend info and ideas just by using Instagram.

In conclusion, Instagram is a powerful tool for interior designers, architects, general contractors, etc to showcase what they can offer to clients. It also establishes credibility and builds brand awareness. The ability to generate leads should alone convince you to try it out!

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