A Foolproof Way To Gain New Instagram Followers

We all would like to grow our Instagram following with people in our target audience. Am I right? I am going to show you an easy way to gain new Instagram followers for your interior design business, and it’s not using automation/bots or follow/unfollow method.

What I am talking about is simple. As an interior designer or architect or even general contractor, you use materials and decor from different companies. For example, lighting fixtures, or marble counters. Well most of these companies are ON Instagram! So all you have to do is tag them on your post with their product and they will repost your picture on their Instagram feed. They will tag your account. Their followers who see your post will then be inclined to go to your Instagram feed, check it out, and if they like it, they will start to follow you. That’s it!! Yay you get new followers!

OK not all of them will automatically do it. Sometimes you have to nudge them and send them a private message asking them if they will repost. But that takes one minute to do. Sometimes they will say yes, and sometimes no.

Here is an example of what I am talking about-

For one of my clients who are general contractors, they remodeled a bathroom. The tile that was used is from @cementtileshop, a leading cement tile supplier. They have 121k followers on Instagram. That’s a HUGE following! Imagine how much reach one post on there could get!

I sent them a message asking if they would be interested in using my client’s picture to repost on their feed, and in exchange tag my clients to get recognized for their work. Here is the message I sent:

instagram direct message

As you can see @cementtileshop was happy to repost! They actually responded very quickly.

The results from @cementtileshop posting to their 121k Instagram followers? Here is the post on their feed:


instagram repost

You can see it got over 6000 likes!

Check out this graph below where you can see the spike in followers(the orange bars). Look at the 2 tall orange bars on the left side, which is 11/3 and 11/4.  This picture was reposted on 11/3, and 15 new followers were gained. On 11/4, the amount was 18, for a total of 33 new genuine, engaged, followers in a 2 day period!

Now, sometimes you will not get a message back from these companies. That’s just the way it goes. Maybe they have enough content, or are super busy and don’t have time to read all Instagram messages. But if you only get one repost from reaching out to 5 companies, that would still be great!

Good Photos Are KEY

One caveat…you must have REALLY good pictures of your remodeled kitchen project. These companies are not going to just repost any old picture. I assume you hire a professional photographer to take pics of your finished work so you shouldn’t have a problem with this. If you don’t, hire one from here on out! You can not only use these pictures on Instagram but on your website and Facebook and anywhere else.

To recap, having companies who have a good following on Instagram repost a picture of your work will give you added exposure and help increase your following. Plus it’s FREE. These are genuine followers who have an interest in home remodeling and design. A large, targeted following will solidify your reputation as someone who would be worth hiring!


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