Need Help with Your Instagram Strategy?

  • Have No Idea Whatsoever On Where To Start???!!
  • Overwhelmed by the amounts of pictures you have of your projects and what you should be posting?
  • Not sure what to write in the copy?
  • Confused about which hashtags to use?

What if I told you I could help you with your Instagram marketing so that you:

-have more time to focus on designing and managing your clients

-feel more organized and in control of your marketing strategy

-have a system that you can implement easily every single month

Simplify your LIFE with a One Month Done For You Content Calendar-

Let me create a content calendar for one month for you with YOUR pictures (5x posts a week). A content calendar is a day by day worksheet for the month that outlines what-

  • picture(s) you will be posting on what day
  • what copy you will include
  • what 30 hashtags to include

All YOU have to do is follow the calendar and post everything to your scheduler or directly on Instagram!

NO MORE worrying about WHAT you will be posting every single day. With this content calendar, it will be SO easy. Just check the calendar and post!

Think of all the TIME and ENERGY you will save by doing this every month!

NOTE: You MUST send me all your pictures/content to me beforehand so I can create this. You can send pics via Dropbox.  Just sign up for an account, it’s free. See the link here for how to use Dropbox-

I will email you if I have any questions about your pictures, etc.

To Recap, you will get:

  • A 30 day content calendar with what picture to post 5x a week for a total of 20-25 posts(depending on the month)
  • 30 Hashtags for every single post
  • Copy for every single post
  • An organized flow of your content showcasing your work

NOTE: Graphics/editing are NOT included…no words/graphics will be added to pictures nor will pictures be edited in any way.

Example of a 1 month content calendar:

There will be another spreadsheet with the day by day picture, copy, and hashtags to use.

Excited to get started? Purchase the One Month done for You Content Calendar Here!

Price: $199  $159  –SALE!

This deal won’t last forever. Start 2018 feeling good about your marketing strategy for your biz!



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