How To Create Graphics For Your Instagram Posts


How do you make a graphic to post on Instagram? There are many tools available today. The one I like the most is Canva. It is really easy to use and fast too. I will break down the process of how to create graphics on Canva in this post.

Sign Up For An Account

This step is pretty self explanatory. Canva is FREE to use(hurray!). There IS a plan you can upgrade to for $9.95 a month. It would give you access to 300,000 free photos and illustrations, easily resize your design, and saves your brand colors and fonts. However, up until now I have not had the need to upgrade for use with my clients; I don’t think you will need to either.

The Breakdown

how to use canva

Once you log in, click on the green Create a Design button on the upper left corner of the screen. It will recommend designs for you at the top(Recommended for you), and then break it down by type if you scroll down. Social Media posts would be next…you can create all kinds of things…letterhead, book cover, etc! Click on Instagram Post, which is a template already sized to the correct size needed for Instagram(1080x1080pixels). You will now see this screen:

how to use Canva

A white square where you will add your images will be on the right of the screen. On the left there is a vertical tool bar showing Search, Layouts, Elements, Text, Background, and Uploads.

Under layouts it is showing a bunch of pictures on the left. Note that some of them say FREE on the lower right corner. If they do not say free then you have to purchase. There are 3 options, starting at $1 for a one time use. These pictures are owned by Canva. However, the point of using Instagram is to post YOUR pictures of your work! So you won’t be purchasing anything, right?

Click on Uploads in order to upload your pictures:

how to use canva

Select the green button in the middle of the screen to upload your own images. You will select which pictures to upload from your computer. The uploaded image will show on the left. Just drag and drop the picture to the white square on the right.

how to use canva

You can resize the image to take up all the white space or not. Hint: it would be better if you make sure your photo is already saved on your computer as the correct size for Instagram(1080 by 1080). Then it will fit perfectly in the white square. You can also add another picture by dragging and dropping it again. If you want to add text, then click on Text on the menu on the left of the screen.

how to use canva

Select on Add heading on the left and drag it to the right. Write whatever you want. You can change the font, size, color by clicking on these options above at the top. You can’t bold or italicize though with the free option. You can move the text higher or lower, right or left, wherever you want to place it.

When you are done making your post just hit download on the top of the screen and Canva will download to your computer.

There are other features you can use; if you click on Elements on the bar on the left, you can add lines, images, shapes, charts, you name it

Congrats! Now you are ready to post your newly designed picture!


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