10 Types Of Content To Post If You Are An Interior Designer

before after bedroom design

Alright, so you opened an Instagram account, and posted a few pics of some home renovation projects you’ve done. But what if you are just starting out and you don’t have many projects to post about? Here are some ideas for jazzing up your content when posting on your Instagram account:


before after renovation

image: @realremodels

People love to see a picture that contrasts what the room looked like Before on the top half of the picture, with the After on the bottom. You can use an editing platform like Canva to make this kind of a post.

Multiple Pics

Instagram rolled out this feature in 2017. You can now post multiple pictures in one post. It’s another way of showing a Before/After or a room from different angles.

Post of you/pic of team

Don’t just post your projects…you should post a pic or video of you too. People will learn about you and how you work. They will get an idea of what it would be like to work with you. Try to post at least once a week, or whatever feels comfortable to you. A lot of people struggle with this. It may be uncomfortable at first, but you will grow into it, it just takes time. Another idea is posting your crew. Post your assistant or anyone else in your company. Posts with people in it gets more engagement than without.

Explain A Project

Take a video of you doing a walk thru of your project while it’s in progress. Explain all the changes that will be made, what’s being removed, or added

Talk About Colors

You can post a segment the same day every week about color themes. What colors you should or shouldn’t combine, for example.


Trends change all the time; you can make this a weekly segment talking about trends in furniture, wallpaper, floors, etc


Did you see a design or room on Instagram that inspired you? It may inspire your followers as well. Just be sure to tag the owner of that design and not claim it as yours. That’s a no no. If you don’t want to give love to a competitor then post a piece of furniture that inspires you.


pumpkin decor

image: @littlevintagenest

This could fall under trends too…for example right now we are heading into fall/winter, and I am seeing all types of design posts with pumpkins as decor

Tiles,fabric, etc

This is endless…you can talk about different types of tiles, fabric, wood floors, pros and cons, etc

Mood board

mood board

image: @perchinteriors

Take a picture of your mood board of a new project you are working on

There are many more types of content you can post, these are just a few ideas. You will soon be on your way to becoming a content machine!


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